Wednesday, April 06, 2005

About the Pope

All the fuss and reports about the pope's death is really starting to bore me. Especially in a country like Brazil where 95% of the population is Catholic / Evangelic. The TV just won't shut up about how great the pope was, how many good things he has done for the world, how much he has suffered, bla bla bla... 'Verbatim from my son this morning: "I hope they're not going to say something about the pope during the weather forecasts, I'm fed up with the pope. Dad, he is dead, right? He cannot be not-dead again, right? Are they going to speak about him all the time now? When is the new one coming so they stop talking about this one?" Not a single journalist, at least here in France, had the guts to remind us that John-Paul-sky was strongly against contraception and spoke against it and against condoms even in countries dying of AIDS. His speeches in Africa were, from my perspective, a true crime. There are times when survival matters more than stupid anachronic counter-productive so-called moral principles, especially when it's coming from the leader of a world-wide congregation of queers having so much blood on the hands during the two last milleniums.' Here in Brazil, the pope-loveness is terrible. Don't you dare say anything nasty about the pope! Well, in reality all the Catholic church ever really did is prevent the progress of science / medicine in the world as much as it could. New techniques like trunk cells (wich has allready saved many lives in Brazil, wich is inventing many techniques using trunk cells) haven't been introduced into America yet because of vague and nonsense moral / religious issues... Fuck the pope and his church. Look at the past... They haven't done humanity any good at all during the last 1500 years. Holy wars (thou shall not kill, remember?), killing / locking up progresive thinkers. (Galileo almost got killed because he came with evidence that the earth wasn't the center of our solar system.) Hell, Jesus wasn't even born in December, the bible suggests that he was born during spring! 25th of december was the birthdate of some Roman god that the Catholic church "convienently" used 2000 years or so back to get more believers in the Roman empire. And of course Jesus wasn't the white guy with blue eyes like they all want you to believe. Anyway, I hope the pope-nonsense stops soon. I don't think I can take much more of it.

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