Friday, July 07, 2006

Impressing Windows geeks with Linux

Yesterday I showed the UEPB's CPD (Data Processing Centre) crew some cool Linux funcionality. Since 2 off the 6 people I train were missing yesterday, I decided not to dive in to deep yet because I didn't want the rest to be lagging behind and also don't want to repeat too much stuff today. So I started explaining basicly how the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy works. After that I started showing off some of the terminals cooler stuff, like Tab-completion and Vim. From there I went to SSH. Opening the CD tray and restarting GDM from another computer always impresses Linux newbies. ;) Finally I showed them Xgl & Compiz, and their jaws hit the ground. :) If there's one GNU/Linux feature that is going to make Windows users switch to Linux, it's Compiz. The first time you spin the cube around, scale the windows, wobble them, maximize and minimize, grab a window's corner to peek behind it, change the opacity... They all go crazy, saying "I want this on my PC too!" Linux evangelist should make use of this as much as possible if we ever want to stand a chance in this OS war.

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