Monday, March 03, 2008

Games I'd love to see ported to PSP

List of open source games I'd love to see ported to the PlayStation Portable: Whenever I get the opportunity I'll probably have a look at Battle for Wesnoth. I was allready messing a bit with Chromium B.S.U. but I got kinda stuck and just didn't have the time to really look at it properly. (I think it was trying to get libPNG or OpenAL to copile properly.) Anyway, last month I noticed Royale was allready taking care of a port of Chromium B.S.U. for the PSP. I guess I'll grab his patch some day to at least learn what he did to get it working. Battle for Wesnoth will probably be a lot more work though. And don't coun't on me having time for that anytime soon. ;)

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