Thursday, December 20, 2007

Status Update

Yes... I'm still alive. I thought since the end of the year is coming closer, I'd just post a little status update about what I've been up to, for who's interested (and for who isn't... :P). And what a year it has been. Professionaly, I've grown a lot this year. A year ago I was still working 12 hours a day (4 hours a day as network admin, 8 hours as computer lab auxiliary) at two jobs, now I've quit one job and got promoted at the other, now working 8 hours as a PHP programmer. 6 months ago I still though I wasn't fit out to be a programmer at all... Now I'm working as one fulltime. Sure, I always liked programming... But I always thought myself more a netadmin/sysadmin kinda guy. Guess I am a lot more capable than I thought. 8) Besides all this, I also founded a company with two friends of mine a few months ago: LinFox Informatica. There's not too much activity there yet though... Just working hard to get two projects into at least a sort-of-beta state. Speaking of growing, my 2,5 year old son is growing like mad. It's insane how fast kids learn at this age... This year has also been the year of the PSP. This little tool has really changed my life. Especially since I got my hands on the Go!Cam. Anyway, I going o try to update my blog a little more from now on. It's not that I don't have enough interesting stuff to talk about. The reasons that I haven't updated this blog a lot is mostly a mixture of $lack_of_time + $lazyness + 'nobody reads my blog anyway'.$mentality ... Well, after taking a quick look at Google Analytics I know that last part isn't true. It seems that mostly my post about video converting for the PSP has been quite popular, so I guess I'll follow up with a post about that tomorrow since I actually made quite a lot of progress in that area recently. So, err... Well, good to be back. :) Ohh and don't forget to comment if you have anything interesting to say.


Unknown said...

Hey! What about me? Don't you have anything to say about your lovely wife? You can not forget that i'm always beside you, my growing boy!! :P
Love you so much!
Your blog is great my dear.

Yogarine said...

Ohh yes, how could I forget my wonderfull wife... How unthoughtfull of me!

Well, we're still together and I love you very much! ;)

Good enough? :P

Unknown said...

Yes, it's good.
Te amo!

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