Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Opera Unite: the good, the bad and the ugly

So I tried out Opera Unite, and here are my first impressions:


  • The Opera Unite proxy that allows you to serve even behind a firewall, very nifty. Even experienced SysAdmin's have a hard time with this in some cases. The Opera Unite solution Just Works™.
  • Works fine cross-browser (on the client side)


  • No option to use Opera Unite with your own domain or proxy (very proprietary to me)
  • No way to backup/sync collection of installed services.
  • No real open social network framework features included, as I had hoped...
  • PHP? Python? Java?


  • The Opera Unite server simply is terminated when you close Opera, without warning! FAIL!
  • No auto-update functionality for installed services
  • Force-reinstall to reactivate a deleted service, huh?

So basically all you get is a very fancy proxy for hosting pages with server-side JavaScript, all baked into a proprietary browser, accessible from a proprietary domain...

Good idea for a Firefox Extension though... ;-) Oh wait! That allready exists (well except for the proxy part anyway)!

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