Thursday, June 04, 2009

Status update

Hey folks, it's been a while since I posted. Just for my future referral (I don't keep a diary), and the interest of anyone that cares, I thought I'd sum up what I've been up to lately.

In December or so I decided I got fed up with Brazil (more about that in future posts) and started planning my trip back to Holland. So I quit my job in February and left for Holland end of march. Thanks to the fact that I actively started looking for a job in the Netherlands as early as January it didn't take me long to get a new job in the Netherlands. So in April I started my new job as web developer at Q-pon.

So, as for Vulpes, that project is currently on hold due to lack of free time on my part. If anyone wishes to continue development on Vulpes, let me know! LibFox, on the other hand, is now being developed on in an internal branch at Q-pon. Though I still need to ask my boss for permission to distribute the changes. There are some really neat new features in there though.

I also finally got myself a proper phone, a T-Mobile G1. :-) It's thanks to this phone that I finally have time to write on my blog again. (This post was written on my G1 in the train to work.)

So that's it for now. I will be following up soon with some more stuff I have been wanting to write down for a while now. Stay tuned.

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Ricardo Bezerra said...

Boa tarde, aqui no Brasil. :) Amigo, sempre usei linux no meu provedor, recentemente adotei o webmikrotik por que prometia maravilhas, mas a coisa não é bem assim, gostaria de saber se o Vulpes esta pronto pra ser posto em produção e se posso gerar e emitir os boletos dos meu clientes com ele? Vi no seu post que voce nao esta mais tendo tempo pra ele, é uma pena. Abraço, Deus te abençoe.